Les Menuires

How to reinvent the customer experience ?

Compagnie des Alpes, the European leader in ski slope equipment engineering and installation, called on WeDigitalGarden to optimise the customer experience offered within the ski resort. The objective: to co-design a re-enchanted experience with customers and ensure that the planned improvements are implemented before the next season.

A customer experience to be reinvented

A massive transit point during the winter seasons, Les MĂ©nuires wanted to reinvent its customer experience on the ground, which was subject to frustration expressed by customers. The reason: an experience considered fragmented, a complicated arrival in the resort and difficult access to rental accommodation, thus condemning visitors to seek their bearings in an unknown place. 

Based on these observations, how can we imagine an original, fluid and different experience and how can we quickly implement it while engaging the resort's stakeholders? 

A frugal and new way of working

Working together, mixing skills and knowledge and confronting our expertise with the reality on the ground: this is the context in which Les MĂ©nuires called on WeDigitalGarden. Our user-centred approach enabled us to observe and analyse the experience of the resort's customers with empathy and to imagine a new one that would be rapidly actionable, realistic and useful. 

The Experience Factory, a new innovation model

Our designers worked with the station as part of an Experience Factory, an agile commando of designers on the ground to observe, study and optimise customer experiences. 

To turn the "dream experience" into reality, we identified the current experience milestones that needed to be improved, the most critical target (a first-time bus family) and decided to spend time with customers on site to create and implement the first artifacts of the new experience.

Satisfaction is the order of the day

"I am really very satisfied with the work that was done in terms of content, methodology, form and results. I find the designers very open, listening, caring and at the same time with a formidable and very efficient work methodology."

Marlène Giacometti,

Director of the Les Menuires Tourist Office