Digitalising the product offer internationally

Legrand, a specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, was looking to develop a global e-catalogue of its products in order to optimise and standardise access to information for customers and partners. WeDigitalGarden was called in to identify local needs and differences in order to propose the best solution for Legrand's customers.

A large-scale mission

With a vast international presence, and so many different cultures and needs, the challenge was to identify the common needs among these differences in order to propose a digital solution for all, without disrupting the existing habits of each. With the catalogue serving many different types of business, the challenge was all the greater.

The system

A 2-month scoping exercise enabled us to identify the needs and uses of customers (electricians) and partners (distributors, architects, design offices) in 7 main countries (Peru, Chile, Russia, Morocco, Dubai, Vietnam, Singapore), to analyse the solutions proposed by the competition, to define and prioritise the functionalities according to their business value, and to define the IT and data roadmap to support the project.

A new catalogue

A prototype MVP was designed and tested with the targets. This was validated and received a score of 8/10 by the users. The prioritisation of the product roadmap and the definition of an MVP vision shared by the different stakeholders was also established and validated.

Satisfaction is the order of the day

"I liked what I saw. I don't know what I would have improved.

It's very positive so far. I'm old and I'm used to old processes yet what I've seen seems very practical."

Building expert,

Prototype User Test Feedback