The Kering factory adoption: How to make the transition to a new SOP ?

WeDigitalGarden worked with the Kering Group to assist in the selection and adoption of a new POS, with a view to an international roll-out to the shops of the Group's multiple brands.

A double challenge

Kering had a big task. With aging technology, it was time to change the POS in all its shops. With several brands under their name and a large international presence, they needed a clear strategy. 

The first challenge was to identify the best technology to adopt based on the needs of the sales consultants. The second was to implement the new SOPs in all shops without disrupting the normal pace of sales.

An international study

In order to better understand the needs of consultants, WeDigitalGarden conducted a study in 5 different countries (France, United States, Japan, China, Italy), in the shops of 6 Kering brands (Gucci, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta).

Subsequently, with the collaboration of the brands and Kering, workshops were organised to analyse the use cases and prioritise the market and user needs identified. Interviews were conducted with other leading luxury and beauty brands to understand their choice of POS and guide the decision, and collaboration with a technical team enabled Kering to make the best choice.

Cross-disciplinary work to prepare for deployment

In parallel, the WeDigitalGarden team worked on a multi-month, incremental adoption proposal with an initial pilot phase.

Taking into account communication, IT installation organisation and project branding, a cross-diciplinary team was mandated to carry out this mission, which also included the organisation of an official project launch event.

Some numbers and results

5 countries in 3 continents involved in the operation

More than 50 stakeholders involved in 6 brands

8 months of project

The 6 brands became drivers of the group's global strategy

New roles created to optimise point of sale management

A personalised support process designed to accelerate the onboarding of stakeholders.