Air Liquide

Improving the daily life of customer support through digital

Air Liquide Healthcare wished to be assisted in the definition and implementation of a new work interface for customer relations centre employees. The challenge is to improve the efficiency of employees using the tool to enable them to concentrate on value-added tasks and thus ensure the satisfaction of patients, pharmacists and prescribers, and to reduce training time.

The right tool to make life easier for operators

Une première phase d’exploration a Ă©tĂ© menĂ©e avec 3 filiales, pour nous permettre de comprendre l’écosystème d’acteurs gravitant autour du centre de relation client, leurs relations, leur proximitĂ©, de mettre en place des modèles comportementaux, une expĂ©rience et un modèle de donnĂ©es cohĂ©rent. 

Ces éléments nous ont permis également d’identifier les principes de design adéquats à cet outil de gestion de la relation-client.

An evolving product since 2018

Since the first iterations, the MVP (minimum viable product) has evolved a lot, and its scope has expanded: today, we work with 5 subsidiaries, the tool integrates the connection with 3 other tools, and 1300 employees use this workstation on a daily basis.

Our involvement has enabled us to reduce the time taken to onboard employees from 6 months to 2 weeks.

Long-term support for a long-term collaboration

In parallel to the tool creation project, coaching of the Product Owner was carried out to ensure that the role of the Product Owner was more effective in terms of decision-making.

In addition, KPIs were put in place to measure the impact of the tool on customers and collaborators, as well as regular evaluations, to continue to prove the improvement and justify the investment. 

Finally, the user knowledge has been put into a database format to enhance the value of the data collected, and to allow sponsors and others not involved in the project on a day-to-day basis to deepen their customer knowledge themselves via the verbatims and themes.

Satisfaction is the order of the day

A user rating, based on the overall experience of the platform, of over 8/10.

Extract from a user feedback: 

"We just wanted to thank you regarding the new features of the Workstation that help us on a daily basis and make our work easier. Thanks to you, we save more time and it is more ergonomic."

The Customer Relations Department