A unique methodological framework for value creation

Cultivate the result

We have developed our own working methodology, based on our in-depth knowledge of agile and strong field experience. Our goal: to create and amplify the business value of our clients' projects by leveraging design, data, growth hacking and technology to develop solutions that work and meet the needs and expectations of users.

How do we work?

We are an entrepreneurial partner for large organizations, discover our method. We work in partnership with you, in a seamless collaboration. Together we create your future value proposition from the blank page to the first revenues.

Market analysis
Business opportunities
User feedback


Research Scoping Governance

1 month

No Business Model



Generate first revenues with early adopters

3 Months

Unvalidated business model



Less focused on features & more on performance

Live Solution

Validated & scalable businness model


Scale Up

Process optimization & economy of scale maximization


Validated & scalable businness model

Working as a team (really)

Our approach? To break down silos and encourage co-creation by having all the business lines collaborate with a common and concrete objective: to generate results and quickly deliver a solution adapted to the market and a source of business value. Each team represents the expertise necessary for the success of your project (strategy, design, growth hacking) and shares a common space to facilitate interaction and communication.

Putting the user and business value at the center

Large companies need to get closer to their users to quickly and securely industrialize the right answers to their new expectations. At each stage of the project, we co-create the solution with the users by setting up a community of early-adopters. It allows us to activate qualitative interviews, quantitative feedback and user tests, but also to initiate the ramp-up of the solution and facilitate its adoption.

Make the data speak

We optimize our strategic recommendations and the profitability of solutions through a "measure, test and build" method. The development of new product features is defined by the data collected (user, market or business), not by intuitions and beliefs. We capitalize on facts to focus on what is most important: business value.

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